Battlefield 4 skipping Wii U to avoid spreading too thin

Mention of the Wii U was conspicuously absent from yesterday's official announcement of Battlefield 4, even though it would seem to have enough muscle to carry the Frostbite 3 engine. Developer DICE is skipping Nintendo's new console, creative director Lars Gustavsson has said, so it can focus on making a solid game with what it knows rather than stretching too far and risking failure.

"I think overall for me as creative director, number one is to deliver a really great game and experience," Gustavsson told VideoGamer. "Sometimes, at least for us, it's focus on what you do well and what you know well, and ensure that you deliver something good than trying a bit too much, stretching yourself too thin and risking it."

BF4 should be the first Frostbite 3 game released, so that may bring enough technical hurdles in itself without starting on extra platforms. The Wii U hasn't received any Frostbite games so far. Given that EA is using the engine on several games across multiple genres, it seems likely it will some day, but not yet.

"I'd rather play it safe, deliver something really good and then look at the future and what could possibly be done than trying a bit too hard and [failing]," he said.

Battlefield 4 is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year. It won't be too surprising if EA later announces it'll hit PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox too, though. To watch the 17-minute gameplay video, click here.