FTL devs on things they would change

FTL: Faster than Light was one of the best games of 2012. However, in a retrospective talk at GDC 2013, developer Subset Games talked about things they would change, if given the chance to start over.

Justin Ma and Matthew Davis said that they realized that some of the ship unlocks were too difficult because of the randomness involved. Given the chance to do it again, they said that they would have eased some of the requirements needed to do the unlocks, specifically mentioning the tedious three-step process to unlock the Crystal Ship.

They also mentioned that in all the focus testing, no one mentioned their jump animation. "It's still in the game now, and it's terrible," Ma said.

There were also a few things that ended up on the cutting room floor. They had seriously talked about adding gas weapons that would have spread from room to room, infecting the ship's crew. Another feature was to have the possibility of a invisible saboteur as an encounter that would run from room to room damaging systems, and the only way to discover him would have been to have a crew member in the room. Other things that got cut included alien encounters, including one energy being that went around the ship sucking power from your ship's systems. The duo agreed that, while these things were interesting, the game would go too far beyond what they had envisioned when the kicked off their massively successful Kickstarter campaign last year.

Ma and Davis said they plan to continue to support FTL, but are looking forward to getting on to their next project, although they aren't saying exactly what that project will be.