Single-player games not dying, says Dishonored dev

This generation's focus on online connectivity and publishers' recent attempts to curb used game sales has resulted in multiplayer modes being outfitted for games that previously hadn't seen them. This has led some to lament the death of the pure single-player game experience. Dishonored creative director Harvey Smith feels that those reports are greatly exaggerated.

"Every time someone announces the death of the single-player game, something like The Sims or BioShock Infinite comes along and does different things well," Smith told Games Industry International. "So far we haven't capped out. It's not like Dota fans are buying Dota and not playing Skyrim, or buying Dishonored and therefore not buying Madden. I think there's a bunch of different audience types and we haven't even hit the limit yet."

Smith did point out that the models for games inevitably change, and they already have--from quarters in arcades to retail boxed products, and now the advent of free-to-play games. He also remarked that while he's heard some fans calling for a multiplayer Dishonored, the volume of response has been much heavier on the side of being grateful for a single-player focus.

"I hope there's some specialization happening and people are going to have to do one thing well or three things well instead of trying to do the same 12 things everyone else is doing," he said.

That point is well-made, seeing as some developers have chosen to drop multiplayer while others have regretted their inability to do so.