Legend of Grimrock 2 first screen shows forest

The original Legend of Grimrock kept players crawling through a dank, dark dungeon but oh, the sequel is looking so sunny. Developer Almost Human today released the very first screenshot from Legend of Grimrock 2, showing a serene forest with dappled shade. Surely no marauding monster could disturb that peace.

Almost Human had toyed with making the sequel a procedurally-generated roguelike or a sprawling affair with towns and villages and a big old world map, it explained in a recent blog post, but ultimately scrapped those plans.

As for what Legend of Grimrock 2 actually turned out to be, well, that's a secret still. We do now know for certain that the final design includes trees and grass and leaves and sunshine.

"We are really, really happy, relieved and excited that we have settled on a design that feels good and has that magical Grimrock feeling to it," Almost Human said, but we'll need to wait to find out.