Rain gameplay trailer shows soggy spooky story

Sony announced Rain, a spooky story about a boy who enters the world of ghosts only visible in rain, at Gamescom last August then went quiet as the grave. Perhaps it was fleeing from ghost dogs. It's finally ready to talk again though, and today released a trailer with five charming minutes of straight gameplay footage from the start of the game.

Rain's the tale of a boy who pursues a ghost girl into the spirit world, an accompanying PlayStation.Blog post explains. Spirits are only visible when in rain, their silhouettes outlined, and you'll otherwise need to spot him by his wet footprints or the way the clutz knocks everything over. This being a ghost story, nasty things are lurking, things which wait for him in the wet.

When ghost dogs strike (and other spectral specimens, one imagines) he'll need to escape out of the rain. Puzzles will play with this property, naturally, getting him to trick them.

Rain's developed by Sony's Japan Studio through the C.A.M.P. program which produced echochrome and Tokyo Jungle. It's coming to PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network this year.

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