WildStar trailer shows off player housing

We may live in hovels ridden with damp and caked in filth, and so we play video games in the hope of realising our dreams of having carpet (carpet!) and no murders. If you buy into the whole "video games are wish-fulfilment" thing, anyway. A new WildStar trailer shows off the MMORPG's awfully fancy customisable player housing, with all the customisation we wretches could hope for.

Players get a hunk of rock hanging in space to call their own. You can build a house, customise it inside and out in weird and wonderful ways, and surround it with gardens and other doodads like a crafting table, mineral-producing mine, practice dummies, gardens for ingredients, and ornaments. The amount of cosmetic customisation really is quite impressive, even letting you flip items around and over if you want to, for whatever reason.

You can invite friends to visit your pad, or open it up to the world. Gardens need tending and bandits may come a calling, and you can go around tending other people's islands too to receive a little of the proceeds. Like Farmville, but with marauding space-zombies.

WildStar's due on PC later this year, developed by Carbine Studios and published by NCSoft.

"Maybe Carbine won't make 'the next great MMO,' but given all the talent and intelligent ideas behind WildStar, it should at least be a fun one," Kat Bailey wrote in our recent preview. The housing certainly looks fun, at least.

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