Borderlands 2 new Vault Hunter, level cap detailed

Today at its PAX East panel, Gearbox Software announced an impending Borderlands 2 level cap increase, and detailed the sixth Vault Hunter coming for the game.

Gearbox officially unwrapped the sixth Vault Hunter that it teased recently, a Psycho named Krieg. He's a melee character as expected, equipped with the Buzz Axe for his Action Skill. You can use it for melee or throw it for a ranged attack.

Krieg has three skill trees: Bloodlust, Mania, and Hellborn. Bloodlust stacks accumulation like the Mechromancer, while Mania rewards you for taking damage, and Hellborn deals elemental damage while you're set on fire. Krieg will be coming in May for $10.

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The "Ultimate Vault Hunter" pack will cost $5 and launch on April 2 -- but it will be free for Season Pass holders. The DLC will include a raise to level 61, and a "Pearlescent" tier of gear that starts at level 51. Tied into the pack is a more difficult mode called "Ultimate Vault Hunter," which rebalances the game for a third playthrough. It will be free for all users whether you buy the pack or not, but obviously a a third time through the game would help boost your increased level cap.

Finally, Gearbox announced that the final piece of Season Pass included DLC is coming by the end of June. A short teaser video showed Tiny Tina and some of the Vault Hunters playing a tabletop RPG.