Weekend Confirmed 157 - God of War: Ascension, Gears of War: Judgment, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

By Ozzie Mejia, Mar 22, 2013 11:00am PDT

This week, Garnett Lee is joined by Andrew Yoon and the returning "Indie" Jeff Mattas, who kick off the show by talking about Cart Life and God of War: Ascension, two games that couldn't be more different. Co-host Jeff Cannata arrives in time for the second segment to talk Gears of War: Judgment and put the Tomb Raider discussion to bed by debating Lara's character arc. The show ends with Jeff C. and Andrew raving about Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Metro: Last Light before everyone brings it all home with a fresh slew of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 157: 3/22/2013

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  • Loved this week's show guys. Great work :)

    Back to the Tomb Raider discussion, Jeff and Garnett briefly touched on an issue that I want to hear more about.

    Garnett asked if Jeff unlocked and used many of the execution moves. Jeff said "No, I used the bow almost exclusively" (paraphrasing here).

    I think this might be a huge part of what lead to Jeff and Garnett having such polarized opinions of the game's theme and tone. I feel that some of the execution moves are so over-the-top gratuitous that Lara DOES come across as bloodthirsty. I feel like the player is supposed to ENJOY these extreme displays of violence, which goes completely against Lara's supposed struggle with her own morality.

    But if Jeff rarely saw any of these executions, suddenly the entire tone is shifted back into a more balanced position.

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    • I think what's described here is a fairer critique than what seemed to be emanating from Friday's show. I do agree that the "execution" moves are unnecessarily brutal. Also, the stealth kill with the bow was much more inline with the character the game was portraying; why they switched it to an uglier, bloodier ax kill a few hours into the game, I can't figure.

      I agree with Jeff C for the most part; I was easily able to immerse myself in the life threatening situations the game threw at me, and empathize with Lara throughout. I found there was more than enough emotion and characterization to chew on.

      For the last two weeks, I've been really baffled by the "meh" attitude to this game. I've played only one previous Tomb Raider (and only a few hours at that). In that game I was shooting jaguars and bouncing on mercenary heads while shooting them in the face. I understand the need to push the industry to greater things and look at new titles with a critical eye, but at a certain point how do you separate the great from the "meh" when every discussion turns its focus to the flaws so quickly and so extensively. It seemed like you guys enjoyed cart life more than Tomb Raider as a gaming experience. Is that accurate?