Terraria surfaces on Xbox 360 and PS3 next week

The console editions of delightful downloadable dig 'em up Terraria will launch next week, publisher 505 Games announced today. "Oh, pssh, sure, a digging game, like we're not awash with Minecraft clones already" you scoff, person I imagined for rhetorical effect. Hold your tongue! The 2D Terraria, which set PC gamers swooning in 2011, is a far more action-y take on making holes in the ground, with fine weapons to craft and honking great bosses to kill.

The console edition is jazzed up with four-player split-screen, eight-player online multiplayer, and extra content including new weapons, armour, pets, enemies, music, and a new final boss.

It'll hit PlayStation 3 on March 26 then Xbox 360 on March 27, priced at $15 either way. Creator Re-logic handed the game over to Engine Software for the console port.

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