Torment Kickstarter adds Chris Avellone stretch goal

As Torment: Tides of Numenera's crowdfunding drive continues to make money hand over fist, developer inXile has added stretch goals to hire two notable names. If it passes $3.25 million, Patrick Rothfuss, author of fantasy series The Kingkiller Chronicle will join up. At $3.5 million, Planescape: Torment lead designer Chris Avellone will work on its self-declared spiritual successor. Cripes, they're only $600,000 short of getting both.

With 14 days left to run, the Tides of Numenera Kickstarter campaign has raised over $2,870,000, blowing past its original goal of $900,000 and setting Kickstarter records. RPG fans have been waiting for something like this for an awful long time, after all.

Rothfuss would chip in a bit of writing and generally offer feedback on character arcs, he explains in a blog post. If you're frustrated waiting for him to finish the third Kingkiller book, well, Rothfuss says that a little time away from the grindstone does help reinvigorate authors.

As for Avellone, "he will be reviewing and providing feedback on all creative elements of the game, including the story, characters, and areas," according to an update post. He'd also create and write a new companion.

Before the Kickstarter reaches those two, it'll hit goals to add oodles of extra content too.

Pledging at least $25 will get you a copy of the finished game for PC, Mac or Linux.