Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 dismemberment DLC no longer happening

One key feature that never made its way into Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 was the ability to dismember enemies. Publisher City Interactive said that the ultra-violent feature had to be toned down to avoid being banned in countries that have strict censorship laws on such things, such as Germany. The company promised to release dismemberment as a free DLC pack in countries that don't frown on mens' limbs being ripped off their bodies.

Well, some promises are meant to be broken.

"I can confirm that CI Games are no longer going to be releasing the dismemberment DLC," a City Interactive representative told VideoGamer.com. According to the site, the publisher offered no reason for the DLC cancellation.

City Interactive earned some goodwill from our community when they announced the deal. "Clever use of DLC and it's free. I approve of this," BCFire said. "Yep back this 100%. If I wasn't already considering buying the game, I may have just to support them in their move and use of DLC," Wiz74 added. Unfortunately, it appears the publisher is burning bridges by backing away from their word--as if the game didn't burn players enough.