Might & Magic X Legacy announced

Ubisoft has released a few assorted Might & Magic games since it bought the series from the defunct 3DO in 2003, but the core RPG series that started the whole lot was left fallow. It's back now, though. Ubisoft today announced Might & Magic X Legacy and yes, it's still first-person and turn-based.

Might & Magic X will give you a party of four to adventure around with, battling monsters, delving into dungeons, plundering treasure, disarming traps, and all that classic RPG jazz.

The story follows on from events in Might & Magic Heroes VI, from the turn-based strategy side-series previously known as Heroes of Might & Magic. The city of Karthal is in political turmoil, or somesuch, and apparently "Your actions will determine the fate of the city."

The game will be on show at PAX East this weekend, so hopefully we'll learn more. Trailer!

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