Deadly Premonition hits PS3 on April 30

It is happening again. It is happening... again. So put on a pot of coffee (watch for fish in the percolator!), start baking cherry pie, and dust off your log, as the small town of Twin Pe-, ah, Greenvale is about to be rocked by a horrific series of murders. The remarkably wonky but thoroughly delightful Twin Peaks-inspired survival horror Deadly Premonition will arrive on PlayStation 3 in Director's Cut form on April 30, publisher Rising Star Games has formally confirmed.

That date had hung in the air before, taunting us in strange dreams, but now it's proper official with a press release to announce it and everything.

Deadly Premonition is an open-world survival horror which sees a small town in the Pacific Northwest struck by a ritualistic serial killer. Stepping into the series of an unconventional FBI agent, you have to solve the mystery but can also faff about with weird and wonderful side-quests involving the town's unusual inhabitants. I once stole cigarettes from a dog.

Deadly Premonition was originally released in North America in 2010 only on Xbox 360, though a PlayStation 3 edition was made and released in Japan. To make up for the wait, the PS3 edition is a Director's Cut jazzed up with improved graphics and controls, a new scenario, and the promise of DLC which will "Expand the mystery beyond the original game and let Agent York (and Zach) live it up in Greenvale." Gosh, I don't want to need to buy a PS3 for this.