Carmageddon: Reincarnation coming to PS4, next Xbox

The Kickstarter reboot Carmageddon: Reincarnation is coming to a few more platforms, after Stainless Games privately raised an additional $3.5 million. That will be enough to put it on the PlayStation 4 and next Xbox, but the studio is still negotiating with the platform holders for development kits.

Eurogamer reports that the team doesn't expect the injection of funds to turn it into a blockbuster, as publishing director Jason Garber calls it a "relatively modest budget." He says this will help turn it into a boxed product instead of its prior plans as a downloadable-only game.

It still might not be as "shiny" as a big-budget driving game, but Garber says making it feel right is more important. "What we want to avoid," Garber said, "is the response that happened for the Killzone [4] demonstration at the PS4 [event], where nobody actually clapped but it just looked good."

Adding support for the consoles means adding time to the project, and suggests that it will be ready to show the game in the fall.