Final Fantasy X HD adds X-2 on PS3

The remastered HD version of Final Fantasy X is getting some company, at least on PlayStation 3. It will pack not only the original game, but its lovably goofy sequel that replaced the melodrama with girl power.

The Japanese magazine Jump (via Destructoid) revealed that Final Fantasy X-2 will be included on the disc as well. This will be based on the previously PAL-exclusive international version, which included extras we Americans missed out on. It sported an "Expert" portion of the sphere grid, nine additional abilities, nine optional bosses, two new dress spheres, another mission at Yadonoki Tower, and the ability to capture more key characters.

This only goes for the PlayStation 3 version, though, so Vita users will have to buy FFX and FFX-2 separately. No price has been set, so we can't say yet how much it will be to buy the more inclusive PS3 version versus the Vita games.