No plans for Tomb Raider single-player DLC

You may have noticed Crystal Dynamics releasing a multiplayer map pack for Tomb Raider and wondered, "Why?" or "Will we get single-player DLC?" or "Why?" Because it's not planning to expand or continue the single-player story with DLC, that's why. Or part of the why, anyway.

"Currently there are no plans regarding single-player DLC," creative director Noah Hughes stated in an 'Ask Me Anything' session on Reddit (via Joystiq).

"Now that Lara is more experienced, we are excited to take her on new adventures that challenge her new strength and confidence. It is important that even as Lara grows as a character, so do the challenges she must face."

Tomb Raider global brand director Karl Stewart later added in response to another question, "There are currently no plans in place for any Single Player expansions. All of our DLC is based around the Multiplayer experience for now."

Of course, Tomb Raider's huge slate of DLC does include a few single-player items, but they're small and unexciting bits like costumes or unlocks rather than the expansion some might hope for.

It's kind of a shame, as our single-player review found it quite fun. Onto the inevitable sequel!