Mark of the Ninja 'Special Edition' DLC announced

One of our favorite games of 2012 is getting a large update this summer. Klei Entertainment announced the Mark of the Ninja "Special Edition" downloadable content today, which will add a new level, play style, and two items. The price and release date are unannounced, but it will come to both the Xbox Live Arcade and Steam versions.

The level will be a flashback, showing Dosan (the tattoo artist) in his younger days. The style is said to include a nonlethal takedown, along with a hybrid of lethal and nonlethal ways to play. One new item will be focused on stealth, while the other is "a bit more direct," according to the announcement. The new items and style will be available across all stages.

Finally, the DLC will include developer commentary with nodes covering the game's creation, anecdotes, and "at least two history lessons." Those commentary tracks will be localized for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese, just in case you've always wanted to know how to say "lethal" across six languages.

The Special Edition will be playable this weekend at PAX East. Check out the trailer below.

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