StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm bringing out 'super aggressive play'

Since StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm launched last week, Blizzard has been closely monitoring the multiplayer experience and the the pro-player matches. While some competitors have changed up their style of play, "nobody is close to figuring the game out yet."

"Some of the initial balance concerns do seem to be continuing in games whereas the more creative players aren't struggling as much against them," Blizzard said on the StarCraft 2 forums. but the company does not plan on making any changes for the time being. "We'll try our best to not be too quick to make judgments on things that are allowing players to play a much more aggressive game. For example, yes Medivacs look strong but it's forcing even the opponents to play aggressive and the constant action throughout the game is looking to be really fun to watch."

Blizzard said that the super aggressive style of play has been "fun to watch," and that style is something that we picked up on in our multiplayer review. If you get into matching wits with other SC2 players, we'll be offering up some tips for play throughout the week, beginning tomorrow. But if you prefer to just play the missions and campaign, you should still get a solid experience.