Epic Mickey 2 makes surprise visit to PS Vita

The tale of Disney's Epic Mickey 2 doesn't have a happy ending. Warren Spector and Junction Point's platforming sequel fizzled when it launched last year, debuting to mediocre reviews. Oddly, Disney is giving the game another chance--announcing a new port of the months-old game for PS Vita.

The late-coming Vita version of the game will include some new features, including front touch "for greater painting accuracy," and tilt controls for the game's racing mode. There's also an "exclusive" wi-fi co-op mode, introducing online play to a title that was originally local co-op only.

There's no word on who's developing the Vita port in the PlayStation.Blog announce. Our guess would be Blitz Games Studios, who developed all the HD versions of the game. Junction Point, creator of the original Wii game, was shut down at the beginning of this year.