Oculus Rift no longer plans Doom 3 BFG pack-in

The Oculus Rift is no longer planning to ship with copies of Doom 3: BFG Edition. The VR device had originally planned to include the game so that developers could see it in action in dev kits, but an update has revealed that the game won't support it before launch, necessitating a change in plans.

The Kickstarter (via The Escapist) announced that instead of Doom, buyers can get $20 in Steam credit, $25 in Oculus Store credit, or even a full refund of the pledge. You can request your replacement in the order manager.

We came away impressed with the Doom 3 support. This announcement doesn't mean it isn't coming at all, just not for launch. Oculus promises "more great developer showcases" in the works, but has not mentioned which games might be getting support soon.