Weekend Confirmed 156 - Tomb Raider, SimCity

By Ozzie Mejia, Mar 15, 2013 11:00am PDT

This week, Garnett Lee welcomes back his partner-in-crime, Jeff Cannata, along with Nikole Zivalich and Marcus Beer of Annoyed Gamer fame. It doesn't take long for Garnett and Jeff to have their first friendly disagreement, like all couples do, as they have a spirited debate about Tomb Raider. There's also talk more about SimCity and its tumultuous roads (that may or may not be curved), as well as God of War: Ascension and Mass Effect 3's Citadel DLC. And after her epic Pokemon rant, Nikole Z's ready to give everyone an encore when she talks Gears of War.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 156: 3/15/2013

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  • It is nuts that you go from talking about the Tomb Raider reboot into discussing how a game can sustain 20 hours of game play without a substantial amount of killing - THE ORIGINAL TOMB RAIDERS DID THIS 15 YEARS AGO! 90% exploration, puzzle solving, and platforming, with a mature tone and style, and only brief interludes of combat (that were usually unique and interesting - the t-rex, pierre, etc).

    And just to support Garnett's point of the original tomb raiders having better characters - I think the games themselves had a more interesting character. They were charming games where as a player I was the one exploring and solving puzzles, so there was a thematic cohesiveness with Lara the intrepid archaeologist. In the new Tomb Raider there may be a lot more dialogue, cut-scenes, and set-pieces that build Lara up, but I'm not really engaging with the story apart from pressing x sometimes. Lara might say that she's scared, nervous or struggling to survive, but I'm pinging arrows through skulls and taking on 5 guys at once and finding it all simple and easy - it's the same old dissonance that ruins what attempt they make with the character.

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    • Yup haha. I was not following their logic at all on this. I feel like every proceeding conversation in this episode would contradict the last one.

      The old Tomb Raider was dated!
      We need a game that's not about killing stuff!
      Nicole, character development is stupid!

      I laughed out loud when Marcus was like "We'd have to pace out the fire building mechanic!" Lol, how about building a fire in a video game is just dumb to begin with?

      The original Tomb Raider had you killing tigers and stuff. The combat was based on this thrilling kind of ebb and flow. You never knew when an enemy might pop up.

      I think there's this misguided obsession among Garnet and the crew with a sort of diegetic realism in video games. Like the last thing they want is a Mario esque magical coin or whatever pop up. And like when Tomb Raider makes it a GPS, they're like "OMG THIS IS SO INNOVATIVE AND AMAZING. ITS A GPS NOT A MAGICAL BERRY." Its like, wow. Please get over yourself.