Halo 4 multiplayer updates to be less frequent, more substantial

With the impending release of the Castle map pack, Halo 4 will have finished its set of War Games content. 343 Industries plans to continue pushing out regular matchmaking updates, but will be switching from weekly updates to bi-weekly.

"Moving forward, we are now experimenting with updating Matchmaking on a bi-weekly basis," read a note on the Halo Waypoint blog. "Long story short: That means there will not be a Matchmaking update next Monday. Overall, this will allow us to provide you with more substantial updates, bestow attention where it's most needed and allow newly implemented playlists a longer runway to succeed or fail from both a gameplay nuance perspective as well as supplying more data to mine and learn from."

A few of the larger moves coming in the next few weeks include finalizing the free-for-all playlist, and bringing objective game types to larger parties. Another title update is in the works to address more balance issues, and the "X marker" upon death will be returning as well.