Shadowrun Returns has spent 'every penny and more' of Kickstarter funds

The first gameplay footage of Shadowrun Returns does look awfully nice, doesn't it? That may be because HareBrained Schemes has "spent every penny" of the $1.9 million it raised from crowdfunding--"and more." It's a gamble because, as head honcho Jordan Weisman told us last year, "if [crowdfunded] games don't reach a larger audience than the people we've pre-sold to, then they don't become self-sustaining."

Do recall that Shadowrun Returns ended up delayed from its planned January launch into "early summer." The list of features added when the Kickstarter hit stretch goals meant it needed more development, which means more wages and costs to pay.

"We have 37,000 backers on Shadowrun Returns," Weisman told GamesIndustry International. "Our hope is that there's a lot more of them than just those 37,000, because if not then we lose the gamble. We've spent every penny and more that they gave us to make the game; we haven't made any money."

The people who pre-ordered Shadowrun Returns by backing the Kickstarter surely aren't the only folks who will be interested in it, though. HareBrained is working in something of a niche genre and seemingly doing a bang up job of it, so it should hopefully sell enough to keep the developer ticking nicely along and making more games. People do often enjoy good video games.