Road Rash designer 'ready' to make a sequel

The Road Rash series always left me wincing when my motorbike would wipe out at high speeds. There hasn't been too much wincing since the series concluded in 1999, but that could change if developer Dan Geisler has his way.

Geisler, who was designer and programmer on the first three games of the series, said he was "burned out" after the last game and needed a break. He told Reddit (via CVG) that "I'm ready to do another one now. I just needed 20 years off. I'm ready to make a better one now. I miss playing it too. If there is enough interest, I'll do a kickstart (sic) on it."

Apparently Geisler has already given it some consideration, saying that although EA had the rights to the Road Rash IP, "we don't need no stinking rights" for motorcycle combat. He followed up by saying that he'd make a new version in 3D, but restrict the physics. "I would keep the mechanics 2.5d. when you go full 3d physics I think you lose something."

There have been various incarnations of the game since Geisler's involvement ended with RR3 in 1995. EA has namedropped the franchise numerous times over the years, most recently with Criterion calling the franchise "a good fit."