Lone Survivor debuts new content on PS3 and Vita

Lone Survivor is "not a game I'd recommend playing right before bedtime," our Ozzie wrote in his review. Having casually mentioned last year that the 2D survival horror was coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita, creator Jasper Byrne today confirmed that it'll arrive in July, "enhanced" in shiny new ways.

"As well as Trophies, Cross-Buy and Cross-Play support, the PS version will feature (amongst other things) 19 new items, new dialogue with all NPCs, two extensive new side quests and a brand new 'Yellow' ending, featuring an exclusive piece of music," Byrne wrote in a PlayStation Blog post. "We are also investigating touch control for movement and inventory use. This version really will be enhanced in every way!"

Byrne says the additions will be "initially exclusive" to the PS3 and Vita edition, so expect them to come back to the PC, Mac and Linux versions at some point.

The port is handled by Explodemon and Stealth Bastard developer Curve Studios.