Moving World of Warcraft to console would be a 'huge challenge'

With Blizzard finally getting back into the console space with Diablo 3, it is only logical that the company would consider shifting its other franchises outside the PC realm. But don't expect World of Warcraft on consoles any time soon.

"I would personally be very excited to see that," said World of Warcraft's lead system designer Greg Street told NowGamer. "It would be a huge challenge to take something like World Of Warcraft with its massive hard drive footprint and its reliance on mouse and keyboard, I think if we were going to make a MMO for consoles then we might take it in a different direction."

Street said Diablo 3's move forced the design team to modify much of the game's fundamentals to get it to work for consoles, something that Blizzard has been tinkering with for years. Porting World of Warcraft would be an even more massive undertaking, but that doesn't mean Street is totally adverse to the idea. "It would be something fun to work on just because of the design challenges would be kind of interesting to try to solve."

Of course, it is possible that Blizzard may be exploring next-gen with its unannounced Titan MMO project, but I guess we'll have to wait until they officially tell us something to find out.