Sound Shapes expands with six free albums, two paid cars

Queasy Games' music-platformer Sound Shapes is expanding quite a bit today. Two updates--one free and one paid--will introduce new albums and new gameplay elements into the PS Vita/PS3 cross-play game.

First up, a free title update will add "The Community Milkcrate" to the game. The Milkcrate adds six albums and 35 levels in the game, all hand-picked from the community. Each will come enhanced with liner notes and "interesting things to check out," like a director's commentary. These levels will become "baked" into the game, meaning you won't have to go out of your way to find them.

The title update also enables offline play, letting you select any community level, sync it, and play it whenever you want.

A new piece of paid DLC will be available today as well. The "Car Mini-Album & Creator Pack" adds a new campaign that introduces vehicular mayhem to the game. In addition to the new cars, the DLC will also let you create new levels featuring loop-de-loops, speed boosts, and more. There will be Beat School lessons and trophies, too.

It looks pretty wicked, too. Here, take a gander at today's update: