Ron Gilbert leaving Double Fine, but staying in game biz

Ron Gilbert is like a bird. He needs to be set free. The designer of The Cave has announced that he's leaving Double Fine Productions, "now that The Cave is done and unleashed."

Unlike some other high profile departures as of late, Gilbert plans on staying in the industry, saying that "it's time for me to move on from Double Fine and plot my next move," and that there are "so many games left to be designed."

"I want to thank all the amazing people at Double Fine for all their hard work on The Cave. It was a true pleasure to work with every one of them over the past two years. So much fun. I will miss them all. And of course to Tim for creating the opportunity to come there and make The Cave," Gilbert said on his official blog. Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert had previously collaborated on Monkey Island 2 and Day of the Tentacle.

Leaving a studio after the completion of a game is becoming Gilbert's MO. Before joining Double Fine, Gilbert left Hothead after finishing DeathSpank with the studio. Less than three years later, Gilbert finds himself looking for yet another team to join.