Injustice: Gods Among Us 'Blackest Night' DLC adds zombies

Sure, we're still over a month away until Injustice: Gods Among Us' launch. But, don't be surprised that NetherRealm is working on DLC for the upcoming superhero fighting game.

The "Blackest Night" DLC was outed as an Amazon pre-order bonus in Germany, and it offers zombie-themed skins for all the heroes. In addition, the add-on promises to add a "zombie mode," whatever that entails. While WB has yet to announce US plans for the expansion, it is incredibly likely to find release Stateside.

Joystiq points out that the DLC is based on the "Blackest Night" story by Geoff Johns. In the crossover story, Nekron attempts to eliminate all life and emotion from the universe by bringing back various heroes from the dead. Yikes.

While US release details have yet to be announced, you can watch this video to see your favorite undead heroes in action.