Look at Metal Gear Rising's silly DLC

Tomorrow, PS3 owners will be able to pick up their free exclusive DLC for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The free content includes thirty additional VR missions, promising zany experiences that may have been too wacky for the main campaign (unbelievable as that may be).

A new Japanese trailer reveals some of the missions you'll embark on. You'll be able to play as the Dwarf Gekko once again in the first add-on mission. In another, you'll be gunning down enemies as Raiden. Another stage seems to take the perspective of a 2D side-scroller.

In Japan, players will also be able to download an additional DLC sword that evokes the spirit of Snake. As you'll see in the latter half of this video, the Snake-possessed sword will say words of encouragement as you play. This DLC has not yet been announced for the US, but it sure is hilarious.

Future DLC planned for Revengeance will let you play as Jetstream Sam and LQ-84i (the robot dog). These add-ons have not yet been announced for the US, but we'd be surprised if Konami didn't localize them.