DayZ overhauled health system, zombies detailed

The DayZ standalone is still without a release date. To sate those hungering for new info, the team released details on various new and revised systems coming for the standalone version, including a health system overhaul, various changes to zombie behaviors, and the addition of trash.

A blog post outlines the changes. The revised inventory system will support crafting, interchangeable clothing, degradation, and weapon customization. Zombies will boast better pathfinding, and the studio has made them a bit slower to compensate for the improved movement. Zombies are also going to be spawning directly on the server side, which also dictates their movement, allowing for better security and allowing for the team to eventually build in zombie migration patterns.

The health system is also getting an overhaul, expanding to a general health stat, blood, and level of consciousness. The blog doesn't go into detail, but hints that the three are interconnected; for example, poor diet will impact your long-term health eventually. You'll also have to dig more thoroughly for loot, and consuming goods will produce rubbish like empty bean cans. If someone clever is looking for you, they can rely on your trash to track you down. Finally, the team is continuing work on the Chernarus expansion, consisting of two new villages for "a true city feeling."

"We know that you want it released, and we know you want to know when this will be - but we're 100% committed to making this a great game, and that means we are making sure to do things properly," the blog states. "We're happy and confident about the progress, so it's one foot after another and soon we'll be at the finish line."

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