Borderlands 2's sixth character coming soon

Despite some hedging of bets, the wait for a new Borderlands 2 character might not be so long after all. At SXSW this weekend, Gearbox debuted a teaser-trailer for a sixth Vault Hunter, who appears to be more melee-focused than the rest of the gun-happy crew.

"Deep beneath Pandora, an experiment has escaped," the teaser read, between quick shots of something brutally beating enemies. "Bandits beware, a new vault hunter is coming. More mayhem awaits."

Joystiq reports that Gearbox franchise director Matt Armstrong said, "I don't think you'll have to wait long until you see that character," due to tight DLC scheduling. The company also confirmed that this character is not part of the Season Pass, which means that pass holders will have one more pack remaining after this release.

As Polygon notes, a melee character is in-line with comments made by Armstrong and Jonathan Hemingway, who said during the panel that they lamented the absence of a melee character like Brick in Borderlands 2.