Call of Juarez Gunslinger trailer is awfully folksy

Reckon if you want, you could take a look at this new toy Ubisoft done produced. Gives a gander at the Old West, see. I don't got much need for words, but ol' Silas, he got tales'll turn your hair white. Listenin to Silas, why, that's better'n those new-fangled stories in Juarez. How bout you set a spell and hear what the man has to say.

Translation: Ubisoft and Techland released a new trailer for Call of Juarez Gunslinger today. It's short on gameplay, but shows off some of the environments placed over a folksy voice-over from protagonist Silas Greaves. The game blends Old West myth and historical accounts, distancing itself from The Cartel. Check it out below.

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