Mass Effect 3 'Citadel' DLC split on Xbox 360

We had heard that Mass Effect 3's final piece of downloadable content, the single-player mission called Citadel, was a large undertaking. But just how large wasn't clear until recently, when BioWare revealed that the content had been split into two parts on Xbox 360 due to size restrictions.

A FAQ from BioWare explains that this pack is larger than previous ones, necessitating the split. The first part will be listed as $14.99, and the second will be listed as free. This means you could technically download the second part without buying the pack, but it won't work without the first downloaded as well. The PC and PlayStation 3 versions of Citadel will each come as one download.

Mass Effect 3's Omega had already pushed the limits of allowable size on Xbox Live, as the 1.99 GB download touched the very edge of the 2 GB limit on the platform. Citadel was always aiming to be more ambitious, so it makes sense that it would cross Microsoft's limit.

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