Total War: Rome 2 trailer shows Teutonburg Forest battle

Total War: Rome 2 likes to show off big battles, and the newest trailer shows off one of the most decisive battles of the Roman era. The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in Germania in 9AD saw more than 15,000 Roman troops routed by Germanic tribes led by a former vassal of Rome.

The trailer focuses on bits of the battle, using the in-game engine, and gives an idea of the scale of the huge conflict. The Roman troops, led by their commander, Varus, marched into an ambush laid by Arminius, an advisor to Varus, but of Germanic heritage. Arminius was able to unite the Germanic tribes to repel the incursion, defeating the Romans so soundly that Varus fell on his sword rather than accept the defeat. Upon hearing of the debacle, Roman emperor Augustus supposedly banged his head against the walls of the palace, wailing the line you hear at the opening of the trailer: "Varus, give me back my legions."

The game, being developed by the Creative Assembly for Sega, is expected to come out on PC later this year.

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