Army of Two producer: 'over-the-top' tone helps it stand out

Some games bridge gamers together in new, unexpected ways. Others have us wax philosophy, while others make us push us to uncomfortable moral grays.

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel is not going to be one of those games. And that's totally okay, producer Greg Rizzer argues. "We still as gamers need to be able to appreciate a Michael Bay-esque type of experience," he said. "And using all this new technology we have, why not?"

"When everyone is asking, how do you stand out from another game? Well, I think it's pretty apparent how we stand out from another game," Rizzer explained to Eurogamer. The over-the-top action and absurd set pieces should help differentiate the game from the competition.

"Especially in the market today where every shooter is claiming to be the most realistic, one of the things that's starting to slip away is games are meant to be fun," Rizzer said, defending the franchise. Still, Rizzer does agree that the first two games might have had a bit too much machismo. "The previous Army of Two games had a real frat-boy-esque tone to them. We've kind of reeled that in a little bit, but we certainly wanted to still be over-the-top."