Report: Developers increasingly 'indie,' focusing on open platforms

It doesn't take a highly-paid analyst to figure out that the games industry is rapidly changing. The rapid proliferation of indie and mobile games has drastically shifted focus away from consoles and onto more open platforms.

A "State of the Industry" survey conducted for the Game Developers Conference polled more than 2500 developers that plan on attending next month's conference. It shows that a majority of devs consider themselves "indie"--53%, to be exact. Only 20% of respondents are working with a publisher for their current project.

Developers are focusing most of their efforts on smartphones and tablets. Over half (58%) of developers plan on releasing their next game on a smartphone or tablet. PS3, on the other hand, is only getting support from about 13% of developers surveyed.

PC is also popular amongst developers, with 49% planning on releasing their next game on the platform. However, the most unpopular platforms for developers appear to be Nintendo systems: fewer than 5% of respondents said they are making a Wii U game, while only 2% surveyed are making a 3DS game.

Developers largely keep their skin in the game by using funds from their company's existing reserves, or through personal funds. However, developers are very interested in crowdfunding, with 44% planning on using a Kickstarter-esque service some time in the future. Considering the increasing number of "indies," perhaps that's unsurprising.