Just Cause dev teases next game, looks like sequel

Avalanche Studios has been dropping teaser images for its next game, which looks suspiciously similar to Just Cause 2. The latest has a man clad in garb similar to Rico Rodriguez jumping from a plane, which would be incredibly dangerous if not for a parachute. As Just Cause players know, Rico has plenty of those.

The teaser image from studio founder Christofer Sundberg (via Joystiq). Two weeks ago, Sundberg released a similar teaser image of the character on a bike. A follow-up from the studio head implies that this is building to an E3 reveal, which is pretty far away to start the drum-beat this early.

The smart money seems to be on Just Cause 3, but one other possibility has been proposed. This could be the long-rumored Mad Max game that had been reportedly in development at Avalanche until last year. Then again, Mad Max is all about a post-apocalyptic future where gasoline is scarce, and airplanes aren't exactly fuel-efficient.