PlayStation 4 user interface shown off

Plenty of people have noted the distinct lack of an actual hardware showing at the PlayStation 4 announcement, but the presentation didn't give much time to a much more prevalent part of day-to-day use: the user interface. Sony changed that today, with a set of screenshots showcasing the UI as it appears on the system itself, along with mobile and tablet mock-ups. The interface, posted on Gematsu and later confirmed by Kotaku, looks as if it takes some cues from the recent PlayStation Store update. The game page includes a quick overview of friends, shared media, add-on content, and popular videos. We also get a look at the social page filled to the brim with throw-downs and videos, and a closer look at the Share feature with a "Trim Video" function. Take a look in the gallery to see all of the screens.

PlayStation 4 friends profile

PlayStation 4 social feed

PlayStation 4 trim video