Rainbow Moon getting sequel, Rainbow Skies

The hardcore tactical RPG Rainbow Moon will be getting a sequel in 2014. "Rainbow Skies" is coming from SideQuest Studios, the developer behind the original game from last year. The game is in the early development stages -- so early, in fact, that it's seeking freelancers to fill in some gaps.

On the SideQuest official site, SideQuest posted listings for a story writer, character concept designer and sound effect designer. The developer promises a number of new features for the sequel, including the ability to catch monsters and convert them to party members, new combo attacks, an improved side-quest system and new treasure-hunt quests, explorable buildings, and new mini-games.

IGN has further details. The game will have two parallel worlds, light and shadow, and the two will interact with each other. SideQuest is also trying to increase the variety so areas seem fresh, and they promise a new "emotion" system to express the characters' individual personalities.

SideQuest says the game is set for consoles and handhelds. Platforms are unconfirmed, but Nils Ngai from publisher EastAsiaSoft suggested the "chances for being a PlayStation exclusive are high." Meanwhile, SideQuest is still planning to release a port of Rainbow Moon on Vita later this year.