Mass Effect 3 Reckoning multiplayer DLC detailed

The last multiplayer DLC pack for Mass Effect 3, entitled Reckoning, is coming out tomorrow. To add a bit of hype before its release, developer BioWare livestreamed the pack, showing most of what will be included in the free upgrade, including a playable Collector.

There will be six new character kits, seven new weapons and six new pieces of equipment (via NeoGAF). Among the characters include a Geth Juggernaut, a female biotic Turian (from the Omega DLC), a Krogan Warlord wielding a hammer, and a Talon Mercenary using a bow. A Collector Adept was also added.

On March 5, the single-player campaign DLC pack Citadel will be released for $14.99 for PC and PlayStation 3, and 1200 MS points on Xbox 360. Check out the Reckoning teaser below.

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