Sony revises list of European PlayStation 4 developers

Sony has revised a list of European third-parties on-board for PlayStation 4 development, cutting it from 53 to approximately 30. A few, like indie studios Mojang and Vlambeer, had previously been named as PS4 developers, despite neither one being actively involved in any PS4 projects.

Gamasutra reports that the updated list has removed the previous developers and publishers. It cut some notable names, including Mojang, Vlambeer, Frozenbyte, Rovio, and Criterion. In their place are new names, like Splash Damage, Hello Games, 2K Games, and CD Projekt. Sony has said that the old list was in error.

Adding a wrinkle to the story, Joystiq reports that a spokesperson for 505 Games, which was in the original list but not the revised one, says it is "definitely" planning to publish on the PlayStation 4. Considering that, it's hard to tell exactly how Sony is determining which ones are listed and which aren't.