FlatOut creator reveals demolition derby game

Following Ridge Racer Unbounded, developer Bugbear Entertainment says it's "going back to our roots" with a new cartastic smash 'em up. The FlatOut creator has revealed a project it's referring to simply as "next car game," dropping a trailer that sees cars and debris tossed through the air with abandon in a destruction derby.

"This time we're going back to our roots--just like all of our fans have been asking us to do!" Bugbear says on the official website. "If you like what you see ... you're going to love it. It's all in-game footage!"

If your memories of FlatOut have been soured in recent years, don't worry: 2011's dire FlatOut 3: Chaos and Destruction was developed by another studio. "We never owned the name," Bugbear replied in the announcement trailer's comments on YouTube. "Publisher went bankrupt and the rights have been sold a number of times."

The yet-unnamed game is coming to PC and other yet-unannounced platforms.