Team Meat's Mew-Genics is cat lady simulator

When Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac co-creator Edmund McMillen describes a game as "by far the strangest project I've ever worked on," it's going to be unusual. After long weeks of teasing, Team Meat has revealed its mysterious Mew-Genics is something of a cat lady simulator, having you collect, care for, enter into pageants, and breed procedurally-generated cats (so far it can produce 25,418,658,283,290,000,000,000,000 unique felines).

"I think most would describe Mew-Genics as a cross between The Sims and Pokemon with a sprinkling of Animal Crossing and a dash of Tamagotchi, but at its core the game really isn't like anything we've seen before," McMillen explained in a blog post.

McMillen illustrates how the game works with a little story of when he tried to get Puddle, a cat with an admirable forked tail, to breed. There follows a twisted tail of breeding partners associating food with beatings and therefore starving to death, inherited narcolepsy, contracted FIV, abusive cat-dads, and cryogenic freezing.

The story ends, "I wasn't able to save Dot because I was arrested by the local animal control shortly after I put Puddle in the cube, probably because of letting Goon run away ... and the whole giving my other cat aids thing ... or maybe it was the dead cat in the attic." Do read the whole story, won't you? It is awfully pleasant.

"I think the gameplay story above sums up what our goal is, we want to create a living world where cats act like cats and the player as well as the cat's actions actually matter," McMillen said.

Mew-Genics is slated for release on PC (via Steam), iOS, Android, and "possibly more" later this year. Here's the wacky title theme: