Analysts: Next-gen games won't cost more to buy

Games jumped to a $60 standard when the industry transitioned from the PS2 era. With next-gen games demanding even-better graphics, many are openly wondering: how much will next-gen games cost? Thankfully, we won't be entering the era of the $70 game--at least based on analyst predictions.

"I don't think the publishers have the collective will to charge more," Wedbush Securities' Michael Pachter said. "My guess is that $59.99 will be the price point."

In a new feature on GI.biz, numerous analysts chimed in on what they think will happen in the coming year. "The $59.99 price point in the United States for next-generation games are unlikely to change," EEDAR's Jesse Divnich said. He believes that an increasing focus on DLC will keep retail prices down, while still increasing revenue. "I'd expect publishers to keep the $59.99 price point intact, but expand on their digital offerings with more in-game content and expansion packs," he concluded.

IDC Research's Lewis Ward also agrees with his colleagues. "I'm not projecting that the PS4 or next-gen Xbox will raise the typical 'AAA' game disc to $70," he said, saying that publishers will reserve higher sticker prices on fancy collector's and limited editions.

Sony's Jack Tretton recently stated that games will be priced "up to $60," suggesting that the platform holder is also uninterested in raising the average price of games in the next-gen.