Sony encouraging PS4 Vita Remote Play tests before submission

During Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement, the company gave a casual mention to a Remote Play feature using the Vita. It didn't spend much time on this revelation, but Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida says it's not being treated as an afterthought.

Yoshida told Engadget that Sony is asking developers to try out Remote Play before submitting their games for publishing. The company didn't make this request regarding the PS3/PSP Remote Play functionality, and it's not making such testing mandatory, but the encouragement might lead to more optimization for the feature.

He also mentioned that developers could add extra control customization using the Vita. "Some PS Vita games make use of the edge of the screen to add contextual buttons--that works really well, I think, and it's easy to see," he said. "So that kind of thing I'd like to see developers do on PS Vita over Remote Play."