PlayStation 4 games to range from F2P, 99 cents to $60

Sony's recent PlayStation 4 announcement has officially kicked off talk of the next console generation, with all eyes on how console manufacturers will deal with a broadening marketplace. Sony's Jack Tretton says that the games will range in price from what you might expect on mobile to standard console pricing.

"We're going to welcome free-to-play models, games from 99 cents up to those $60 games, but if you really see where the heat is for the true gamer, it's on the console," Tretton told CNBC (via Polygon). "It's still that big form experience."

Pressed if he thinks the blockbuster games are still the most profitable enterprise even as mobile games gain traction, Tretton said, "I think those are additive experiences. They demystify gaming, they bring people in with a bite-sized gaming experience, but ultimately, I think people migrate up the food chain. Conversely if you're someone who considers themselves a true gamer and wants to play the most powerful devices and the most deep, enriching gaming experiences, you're not going to find yourself migrating down the food chain other than to kill some time or complement that core gaming experience."