Rayman Legends full online challenge mode coming as 'second demo'

When Ubisoft announced it was delaying the nearly-finished Wii U edition of Rayman Legends so it could launch alongside Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, it discovered fans--and even developers--weren't wholly satisfied with that. Quelle suprise! It hastily promised a second demo for Wii U, and has now revealed that'll actually be the full online challenge mode.

The online mode generates new challenges weekly and daily for you to compete on leaderboards with your chums and the world. Some want you to travel as far as you can in deadly levels, others want you to be fast, one type is based around using the touchscreen, and some just want you to punch enemies in the face. They can be played solo or up to five players can go together.

Ancel also commented in the video announcement on Facebook that, now they have extra time, "We want to add characters, bosses, even new levels, which is good for the game."

The demo will arrive on Wii U "around the beginning of April." The full game won't arrive until September, though, launching simultaneously on Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.