BioShock Infinite trailer continues Columbia, a Modern Day Icarus

Dear publishers, if you are insistent upon releasing trailers that show anything other than gameplay footage (and I imagine you are, what with them really helping sell games and all but shh I am feigning indignation), please take some hint from BioShock Infinite's fine series 'Columbia, a Modern Day Icarus?'. No pre-rendered cinematics, dragging shots of developers talking, or staged in-engine nonsense, just delightful flavour. Part two's out now, by the way.

The pleasing fake 70s/80s documentary series Truth from Legend's look into the mysteries of Columbia continues with the supposed monstrous Songbird seen buzzing about the floating city, and the so-called Lamb of Columbia.

One imagines the final episode will come out a few weeks after the game's March 26 launch, once a now-ancient Alistair Bloom plays it and finds out what was actually going on.

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