Rumor: Prototype PS4 controller revealed

Destructoid has just posted a picture of a controller that could be a prototype for the next PlayStation system, to be revealed next week. Although Dale North notes that he "kind of [hopes] that this is fake," Kotaku boldly claims that it is a real prototype, citing an "industry source familiar with the new system." IGN also says that the controller "is real." While the design will undoubtedly change when moving to a production model, this prototype reflects many of the rumors that have been circulating, namely a touch screen of sorts housed in the center of the controller. Others have chimed in on the leaked design, such as PS3Nation who notes that the prototype is still hiding "a pretty big addition." Others, like the community at NeoGAF, have begun to analyze the small details of the leaked pic. The community's Beermeister spotted what could be a headphone jack at the bottom of the controller, as well as built-in speakers. Curiously, could the glowing light at the top of the controller be used similarly to PlayStation Move? If anything, this controller raises more questions than answers. All eyes will be watching come February 20th.

Image credit: Beermeister (via NeoGAF)